Share What You Are Watching on Netflix to Your Instagram Story

Netflix which has created its own niche in the entertainment with its incredible stories, the variety of shows and of course enormous fan base across the globe. Without a doubt, it has blurred the class, regional and language barriers when it comes to storytelling with its close to reality, intense and fresh shows. Always being in the news for good or bad reasons, Netflix has moved a notch up with its latest update in the iOS version of its mobile application.

You can share what you are watching directly to your Instagram stories


Starting with the iPhone users, Netflix now plans to sync the Netflix and Instagram Apps where users can instantly share the ‘Title’s customized art’ of the show they are watching on Netflix to their Instagram stories.

The latest iOS update released on 22 January enables the iPhone users to enjoy this feature.

How to do it?

It is as simple as it could be! When on the title page of Netflix, the user before tapping “resume” or “play” can hit share icon. Here you get a choice to share it via various other platforms along with Instagram stories, press Instagram stories and…Voila! The artwork from Netflix shall appear as your latest Instagram story. Not just this one can create polls, add stickers etc. to it.

This streaming mogul has said that it always wants its users to share among themselves the shows and other content they are obsessed with so the others can try it out too.

Though there hasn’t been an official statement about the release of Android version of this update, the word on the street is that if the current update is a hit, it shall be released soon.

Already kick-starting 2019 with likes of Birdbox, You and Fyre Festival, Netflix is set to widen the horizons of the parallel universe it has created.

Netflix has managed to dominate the conversations on major social media platforms be it memes, discussions or just fan pages and this step shall further their reach to a sizeable user base especially the millennials.  The feature to share the shows is not precisely new was earlier available to the users. One could share them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Twitter, text messages etc. With ever-expanding users of Instagram crossing the 1 billion mark, Netflix has made this smart move to strengthen its presence further.

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