February 6, 2019

Norton.com/Myaccount – My Norton Account – Norton Account

Norton My account – We are living in a world filled with technological threats. Once the virus creeps into a device, you notice several technical issues. That’s not the end of the technical issues as there are other threats making their way into your device! It could be malware and ransom ware. Norton is considered as one of the top software for enhancing security in your device. Symantec Corporation has been providing security products to the valuable customers since 1991. As we move forward, creating a my norton account and then installing it on your device is fairly simple.

We have given the easy instructions for you to follow. You do not have to be a tech geek to follow the instructions. They are clear and anybody can create an account and install it in their system. Before we move to the steps, read about the need for creating an account.

Need for Creating Norton Account

A Norton account is a necessity! Not only you can download the product on your system, but you can also manage all the products from one account. Storage of the product keys on your account is straight-forward. Secondly, you can also buy more product keys and register it on your account. The good news is that it takes few minutes to do so!

Let us cut to the chase and understand the steps to create an norton my account on Norton com setup and install the product using the same account.

Steps to Create an My Norton Account – Norton.com/Setup

  • Firstly, you would need to open the browser. It could be Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome. Log on to Norton.com/myaccount and click on ‘SIGN IN’.
  • Since you do not have an account on Norton, you would need to select ‘Create an Account’ which is right next to the sign in display. Check the image below to clearly view the ‘Create an account’ sign.
  • It is a quick form which asks for your email address, a password, name, last name, mobile number and the country you live in. It will take less than a minute to fill these details.
  • You can choose to tick on the ’email me product updates…’ or skip it.
  • Click on ‘create account’. Sign up is done and you are ready to install and activate the product.

These were the steps to create an account. Wasn’t it simple to follow? The question is – How do we setup Norton using norton login? Let us skim through the steps because it will not take you more than 5 minutes to finish it.

Installing Norton Using Your Account

Firstly, sign in to your new norton login my account. Visit www.norton.com/setup and click on ‘sign in’ and enter the details. Always remember your password. If you have forgotten the password details, click on ‘forgot password’ and follow the instructions.

You would need to enter the product activation key before you can start the download process. It is a 25-digit code on the retail card or it will be sent to you via email. If you have purchased the product online, it will be sent via email. If you have purchased a retail card, check the back side of the card to find the code.

Secondly, once you have signed into your my norton account login, you will find two options ‘Install on this device’ and ‘Install on another device’. Choose the desired option and click on ‘agree and download’.

Once you download the software in your device, you will see a downloader program flashing on the screen. It varies as per the browser you are using. Click on ‘run’ or ‘save’ and the installation and the downloading process will start. If you are using Internet explorer, you will see ‘run’. In case of Safari or Firefox, you will need to click on ‘download’. For Chrome, you will find the option of ‘save’. It differs from one browser to another.

Keep a close watch on the instructions given on-screen. Once the download is complete, the software is ready to use!

Things to Keep in your Mind

Now that you have entered the world of Norton, you need to know that at any time, you can add more devices to your account. If you wish to download the software on another device such as your mobile or computer, you can do so by logging into the Norton management console.

You can find the ‘install on another device’ option and follow the given instructions. As we mentioned, the process is straight-forward and does not require technical expertise. Do not get overwhelmed by the instructions given on the screen.

Ideally, keep your activation code safely with you because once you lose it, some other individual may start using your product key. So, create an account today and install the software on your device today itself visit Norton setup.