| Enter Norton Setup Key - :- Computers have existed in the world for decades, and the need for antivirus has increased significantly. Cyber criminals are trouble-makers and they are waiting to hack your computer to get details of your bank account and other sensitive information. What can you do to avoid this from happening? There is a high percentage of youth, who try to commit cyber crime for extra thrill and even getting rich overnight. It is possible that your business enemy is trying to seek sensitive information about your company. There is a growing concern and even the viruses and malware can make you lose important files from the system.

The only solution is to invest in a good antivirus software. When it comes to choosing a good antivirus, Norton is considered to be one of the best software across the globe. It is counted as one of the Top 5 antivirus software. However, the users are concerned about Norton setup as they feel that it is a complicated process.

You do not need technical expertise to complete the procedure. Here's a post which talks about how you can easily setup Norton in your system without any professional help.

Activating your Product Key -

When you purchase an antivirus software, you will get a product activation code. Same goes with Norton, you get an activation code which needs to be entered to successfully download the installer and then complete the installation process.

So, you must first log on to

Click on 'enter a product key' and you will reach the login page.

If you do not have an account on Norton, create an account by typing your email address, password, mobile number and country. Click on 'create account' and find the verification link in your email id. Click on verification link to successfully create an account. Now use the credentials to login successfully into Norton.

Once you login successfully, you will have to enter the product code to activate it.

Norton Setup steps to follow -

Once you have activated the product code, login to your account and click on the product.

  • Simply click on install and select the 'I agree...' option.
  • Click on the next option
  • Now wait for the file to get downloaded

Once the file has been downloaded, you can now run installation. Follow the on-screen instructions and always click on 'I agree' to the agreement. Now click on install and let the process begin.

Do note that activation product key is 25-digit long. This should always be kept handy with you. Without this activation code, you are not able to fully reap the benefits of the product purchased by you.

Purchasing Norton Online and Offline

The good news is that now you have the complete idea about the activation and setup process. In order to do Norton setup, you must first create an account on Norton. It takes few seconds to create an account and then the verification link has to be clicked.

When you purchase the product online, you will get the 25 digit code on your email. It will be mentioned along with the purchase confirmation mail. Once you have this code, you will be able to carry forward the download and installation process.

If you do not wish to purchase the product online, you can purchase it from a retail store. Once you buy the software, you will find a retail card. The code will be mentioned behind the retail card. The retail store products have a CD disc which you can insert in the laptop or computer and install the product manually.

Make sure you have no other security program on your system. The internet connection should be stable as well. Once you follow all these requirements, you will be able to successfully install the product.

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